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Bio & Statement

John F. Davies

John F. Davies

I am a fourth generation native-born Californian whose family has resided in the Golden State since 1874. My early years were spent growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area. From the beginning I’ve had an interest in drawing and art in general. Over time, I gained other interests, especially a fascination with dinosaurs and anything prehistoric. Also reptiles/ amphibians and historic subjects. However, I later made a decision to embark on a career in the military, and served eight years in the United States Marine Corps. Nonetheless I never stopped occupying my spare time with sketching and drawing.

At the end of those eight years I decided to hang up my uniform and pursue a career in art.  I’d originally planned to be an illustrator, but over time my emphasis branched out into fine art. All the while I never lost my interest in Paleontology or anything associated with it. Retirement gave me the opportunity to exhibit my pieces at different venues and gain contact with a wider audience.

At present, my work touches on three subjects:

First are my prehistoric works. While I do depict the usual subjects such as dinosaurs, I take more interest in depicting prehistoric life that is less known, but just as fascinating. And in many cases these creatures are shown to the public for the first time.

Next are my depictions of Herps (Reptiles and Amphibians). The current wildlife art market tends to focus on mammals and birds, while other life forms are hardly represented at all. I have decided to fill this gap by depicting Herps in their natural environment as a serious subject of wildlife art.

Finally, there is my military art. Having myself served during the period known as the Cold War, (1948-1991), I find there is little artwork devoted to that particular time in history. Because many events of that era were secret in nature, artistic recreations are likely the best means of recreating this still unknown period of history. And done from the point of view of a veteran of the times.

To sum up, all of my art is created using traditional representational means. That said, the subject matter is quite unique and in many cases is even radical. It spans my own multi faceted interests and shows a new and unique side to classical art.


John Francis Davies

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